Mincron User Group Conference Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

The natural landscape, idyllic setting and spectacular views of the Coeur d’Alene Resort were an enchanting divergence from the breadth and depth of discussion on the latest software and technology developments at the Mincron User Group Conference April 3-6.

Mincron takes great pride in the way they have chosen to do business, with a laser-like focus on high-quality software solution development and a service-first philosophy when it comes to taking care of its customers. And the annual conference is the perfect illustration of the effectiveness and interconnection of those practices — it is an opportunity for Mincron to showcase its latest launches, as well as a chance to really listen to customers and further strengthen the existing bonds that have been built. Many of Mincron’s launches over the years have been developed as a response to feedback they’ve gathered from customers.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon about launches Mincron will be doing throughout 2016!

To be at the cutting edge of technology, Mincron has had to think outside the proverbial box. And this year as a special treat for its customers, Mincron brought that same attitude to the table when selecting a guest speaker — retired federal agent and author Jay Dobyns.

Dobyns’ easy-going approachability is a sharp contrast to his appearance, and was also praised by many customers. As one noted, “It was great that he shared so much time with us and attended all of our functions. It really felt like we got to know him as a person. He was so engaging — what a character!”

Mincron President Wendy Berger commented, “This conference provides us a valuable opportunity to spend time with our customers. We can share our specific announcements as well as our vision for the software going forward. We learn so much from our customers, about their businesses, their challenges, and their needs. This really helps us as we plan for new development going forward.

“We also enjoy just sitting down and chatting with our customers, who are like family to us. In today’s fast-paced, competitive world, we know it’s not easy for our customers to make time to participate in an event like this. We we are so grateful they do, and that they see the value in spending time with us too!

As one customer noted in the follow-up conference survey, “Thanks for all of the effort you put into planning these conferences. You were very generous with your hospitality. The location, facilities, speaker, food and entertainment were all first class. It definitely sets you apart from other software vendors.”