Created by our team of experts who have both knowledge and experience of the distributive trades, K8 Management Software is designed to help you stay in control. We understand the crucial importance of controlling stock and order levels for financial optimization to help deliver excellent customer service. Without stock control systems, keeping track of these elements can be challenging.

Our stock management software and order management software allows businesses to keep tight control over their stock, sales, purchases, movements and replenishments from head office, branch locations and warehouses. The vital data about stock levels is easily accessed, interpreted and utilized with the K8 Stock Management Software; allowing your organization to gain tight margin control and have full visibility.


" K8 is a well-packaged product with all of the functionality of a windows-based system and an impressive user interface. It has some fantastic features - SOP for example is superb."


Kevin Coombs, IT Manager, Turnbull Building Supplies



K8 Stock Management Software: benefits at a glance

  • Control and manage stock at central, regional and branch level

  • K8 provides a complete picture for making an informed decision

  • Enables stock rationalization in order to reduce overall costs and boost profit margins

  • Captures and audits vital information for management review

  • Increases availability for greater customer satisfaction



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