Product Overview


We provide the software, services and support that deliver fully integrated business management solutions to wholesale distributors, resellers and manufacturers’ stocking reps — and that are scalable to our customers large and small, wherever they are in the world. Our organization has been engaged in distribution software for more than 40 years, our technical experts are thought leaders in business management technology, and our innovative and flexible approach builds loyalty and ensures that customers partner with us for the long-term.

Our mission is simple — to design and deliver high-performance, integrated ERP solutions that enable our customers to source effectively, stock efficiently, sell profitably and service competitively.

Our products have been specifically developed for the following
 vertical sectors and their needs:

SmartWare – for Plumbing, HVAC/R, Waterworks, PVF, Irrigation, Industrial and Roofing

K8 – for Building & Lumber, Electrical, and Flooring industries, Automotive Aftermarket, and other distribution-related businesses


Integrated business management solutions for Plumbing, HVAC/R, Waterworks, PVF, Irrigation, Industrial and Roofing

Mincron SmartWare is a complete ERP system with the flexibility to add proprietary Complementary Applications and Third Party Interfaces. These highly valuable add-on solutions further extend the power of our SmartDistributor core solution by tailoring it to meet the specific needs of your businesses. 


Mincron SmartDistributor® Core Solution

SmartDistributor is at the core of our SmartWare software solution package. It provides a complete and powerful system for the efficient and effective management, monitoring and analysis of all facets of your operations. SmartDistributor enables you to have complete control of all mission-critical business processes.



SmartWare provides a flexible system that grows and adapts to your organization, accommodating new business opportunities and requirements when they emerge. With customizable user dashboards and comprehensive industry-specific applications, your business can streamline operations, act on timely and complete information, and accelerate profitable growth. The easy-to-use SmartWare interface allows multiple generations of users to perform their jobs with minimal training.


Flexible – Your Business. Your Way.

SmartWare can be customized to match your requirements. Among the choices SmartWare provides are:

• Which modules to use

• How to set up and configure the system and dashboards

• Which of your users have access to each function/area of the system.


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K8 - Integrated ERP built for wholesale distributors

K8 is a fully integrated Trading and Business Management solution for distributors, wholesalers, suppliers and retailers. Combining a suite of modules, K8 helps you source effectively, stock efficiently, sell profitably and service competitively.

K8 is designed to help you get closer to your customers, build profits, and manage your margins. From your sales team, to your back office, K8 has been developed by wholesale distribution experts to improve the day-to-day performance of your team.

"K8 has provided us with efficiency and transparency, made trading easier, allowed us to generate more sales and improved our business."

Harpreet Sehmi, Branch and IT Manager, Sehmi Builders Merchants



One Integrated Solution

Innovative, flexible supply channels are essential for distributive trade companies looking for a sustainable future in today’s dynamic market. K8 can support you across your business through a wide selection of integrated software modules.

Each module integrates seamlessly into the trading and business management platform, enabling you to control every aspect of finance, trading, logistics, and management.


K8 is used by many distributive trade customers, large and small – across the world. K8 can support you if you are running a small business from a single shop; and equally support you if you have several distribution centers, a network of showrooms and an internet trading hub. From two users to several thousand – K8 will support you growing your business no matter the size.

Flexible – Your Business. Your Way.

You will want to run your business your way and K8 can be configured to match your requirements. From the choice of which modules to use, to how the system and dashboards are set-up, and who has access to what functionality, it can all be configured within K8. You can chose what you want to see and where, ensuring your team is always focused on the task at hand.

K8 – On-premise or in the Cloud

For even greater flexibility and scalability, K8 can be deployed on-premise (on your hardware) or hosted in our cloud – K-cloud. Our cloud solution supports your growth so you need never worry about restrictions due to hardware performance. We also take all the day-to-day hassle out of managing your K8 system and over a range of disaster recovery and business continuity options.

Source, Stock, Sell, Service

All of the modules within K8 have been developed for wholesale distribution and support you in the key tasks of sourcing, stocking, selling and servicing.


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