Tight finance accounting management software is key to success in any business and crucial for fast-moving distributive trades that need to stay flexible, customer-focused and in control. Our experts have brought their personal knowledge and experience of the sector to create K8 Financials, designed by specialists for your business.

K8 offers fully integrated finance accounting management software which reduces costs by maximizing the efficiency of transaction processing and reduces business risk by allowing tighter supply and stock management. The system provides financial management solutions which help to understand customer needs and profit from those needs.


"With K8 you can tell exactly how much you are making and exactly how much you are spending. It gives you a very up-to-date picture."

Kirk Alerdice, Branch Manager, Samuel Kirk




K8 Finance Accounting Management Software

  • Enhances trading performance through greater visibility and control

  • Reduces business risk through tighter supply and stock management

  • Creates opportunities by understanding customer needs and values

  • Reduces costs through faster, more efficient transaction processing

  • Improves profits through more competitive sales and service



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