Automotive Aftermarket


In a world of increased competition there is a greater pressure on margins and higher customer expectations, particularly in a busy trading environment. Automotive aftermarket software therefore has to deliver high levels of functionality to the business at all times.
Our K8 system provides effective stock management and the web portal gives global customers the ability to access the system in real time. The modern and intuitive interface means your staff takes to the new system quickly and efficiently.





Real-time process updates

Our automotive parts distributor software enables processes to be executed  in real-time, which allows up-to-the-minute views of all aspects of the business. The trade counter can find parts quickly without having the part number to hand, simply by typing in any elements of the description.

Alternatively, a photographic catalogue linked to stock files can deliver latest information efficiently. You can also tailor that information on individual operators’ screens. Branches can see and order from each other’s stock, with the option of delivering to the branch or directly to the customer.

In-depth view of figures, margins and stock allows comprehensive decision evaluation, and lets you know what is really happening within your automotive parts distribution business.

The K8 car parts distributors software can offer you:

•    Document scanning
•    Mobile working
•    Batch control
•    Catalogue
•    Intra-stat
•    Warehouse control
•    Tool hire

Why choose the K8 Automotive Aftermarket Software?

These and many other features of the software have all been developed by our industry specialists to help your business make the most of its opportunities. We continually invest in our product and technologies, to create solutions that are as powerful as they are relevant and scalable.

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